lawrenceville acme weekly ad

lawrenceville acme weekly ad This method is easy, just type in your browser. After page opens, enter the website address into the field provided and click Whois. serves as a website checker that can display information about the address of the owner of the domain (, the date of activation domain, domain expiry date, registran name, address, telephone number, e-mail, city and province that would be very useful.

Keep in mind that could be concealed or hidden. If the website its hide, then you should think twice because such websites hide who the owner and address. As a seller, I never hide, instead I give you the address, name, phone number and e-mail as stated in the online store.
6. Personal accounts or entities?

Payments are usually more using bank transfer as BCA, BNI and Mandiri. If the account using personal account, you should be wary. If the account used to use the name of a business entity, such PT.YYY or CV.YYY, then it is definitely more secure.
7. Record and save the transaction receipt

In addition to storing contact the seller, noted also when you contact the seller, historical conversations and keep proof of the transaction. If it turns out you cheated, then the evidence can be submitted to the authorities.

As a seller, I always keep all historical evidence and proof of the transaction. To prevent potential buyers outside the obligations demanded of me, I keep it. For example, if the buyer get angry because it turns stale goods in the street, then I will remind that before the goods are delivered, the prospective buyer had agreed on the risk of stale goods because the trip is too long.


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