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print winn dixie weekly ad Supermarket, in every country, this place reflects the style of consumption, prices, or “face” of the region concerned. Examples supermarket in Japan, for example, is AEON, Ito Yokado, and Tokyu Store, Seiyu. From the beginning, from the supermarket which is typical of an area to supermarket connected to the station comes in various forms and scale.

Here is one of the supermarkets in Japan, Ito Yokado located in front of JR Oimachi station. Well, immediately we peek yuk!
Supermarket Japan Hygienic, Safe and Secured

Supermarkets are well kept clean and hygienic. The goods sold are arranged by category.

The goods were neatly arranged, arranged by type is typical supermarket in Japan. Meanwhile, to maintain its quality, there is no merchandise that passed the expiry date.

For opening hours, generally depending on each supermarket, but in general the supermarket operates between 10 am to 9 pm. But for Ito Yokado this Oimachi branch, operates until 11 pm. There is also a supermarket named Seiyu which operates 24 hours.